Database Hosting

On-demand access to your data and all the benefits of owning a data center without incurring the costs of operating one. 

We host and manage your Express Maintenance CMMS environment and offer data security and support at competitive, affordable rates.


Automatic Software Updates

Stay up to date with your software for peace of mind – your network is updated and maintained automatically

Nightly Database Backups

Secure, automatic backups you can rely on

Security and Stability

State of the art security features in a geographically stable location

Affordable Monthly Plans

We provide affordable monthly plans that give you the flexbility to create your own custom hosting solution

Equipment is Included

Your own personal data center without incurring the costs for maintaining one

IT Support

Your IT Support Costs are reduced and hassle free

We specialize in Enterprise Asset Management (EAM)  hosting of Express Maintenance CMMS

Unlike large Data Centers, our hosting partner BlackBelt Data Center (BBDC)  seamlessly integrates with your existing systems & infrastructure without reinventing the wheel or requiring proprietary equipment. We promote fully customizable solutions to meet your monthly hosting needs.

  • Fully redundant Microsoft RD Server
  • Database consolidation
  • Worldwide access via secure VPN
  • Physical Security
  • Safeguard regulatory data

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