Guided Software Implementation


Info Button DIY ImplementationPlan DetailsThe Guided Implementation Plan is developed with a designated Project Manager and Database Engineer who will develop a customized implementation strategy for you. We will walk you through the data collection process, enter your data for you and hand you a fully operational system. Remote and onsite training options are available and are the greatest determining factor in overall price.

Successful Implementation starts here:

"I appreciated the knowledge, expertise, professionalism and level of assistance offered by Express Maintenance. Within just two days we had an entire implementation plan laid out for us by their project developers. We look forward to a long-term partnership with EM and would highly recommend them to any manufacturing company looking to improve their approach to total asset management."

- Don,

Maintenance Supervisor

Teknor Apex RI

Implementation Comparison Chart

DIY Plan

Guided Plan

Pro Plan

Implementation Timeline
Determined by Client
30-60 Days +
60 Days +
Implementation Support Hours
10+ Hours
20+ Hours
Expert Guidance
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Project Management
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Database Engineering
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Data Collection Services
Remote OnlyOnsite / Remote
Data Entry Services
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Onsite / Remote
Remote Training
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Onsite Training
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Customized Reports
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Custom API's
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Scheduled Services
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Parts Assigned to Units
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Part Assigned to Services
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