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Release notes for EM Version 9
This release fixes an issue with the Backups feature where the name of the Database was not getting saved and was causing a “Zero Value” error.
Updated Mobile Licensing to use new support database
General – Incorporates new version and features of Report Builder.

General – Imports 5 new reports used by the Mobile App.

General – New fields to accommodate the new Mobile App settings and licensing.

General – Update includes the new Mobile App Server software for communicating with mobile devices.

Administration / Defaults / Configuration – New Mobile App Settings section and fields for Mobile App Setup.

Maintenance / Work Orders – Corrected issue of one of the user defined service fields having the incorrect column heading.

Maintenance / Units – Corrected issue of older attachment hyperlinks not working.

ExpressRequest – Added ability to view notes of a work order services when viewing assigned work order.

SQL Links:

MS SQL Server 2012 Express Install 32 or 64 Bit: Microsoft SQL 2012

MS SQL Server 2014 Express Install 32 or 64 Bit: Microsoft SQL 2014

MS SQL Server 2014 Express Install 32 or 64 Bit: Microsoft SQL 2016 or try SQL 2017

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